6. Project ideeën
http://www.almeresmartsociety.net/smart-city-quickscan/ http://www.almerevandaag.nl/almere/article25973443.ece/De-stad-gaat-op-zijn-kop @Smart Indentity & Persona: what and who is Almere Smart Society? What does it stand for? etc (met name Brian! - Danielle, Mary, Marius, Johan, Carla en Ray) (Huisstijl, logo en website) http://www.almeresmartsociety.net/wijkconnect/ @Smart Socoiety Urban Lab: connect open and 'closed' (commercial) space for students, entrepreneurs, artists to share, learn and create (Raymond, Axel) @Smart Networked Learning: smart society master class curriculum (details onbekend) @Smart Society Innovation Center: a place to learn, experiment, incubate and create new technologies, solutions, services and products (details onbekend) http://www.mediafutureweek.nl/cases-2/mfw13-almere-smart-society/ @Smart Crowdfunding (Frits Klaver) @Smart Social Recycling System: Personalize, incentivize and gamificate waste (Faris Nizamic) @Smart 3-D Animation Logo (Axel & Selm - Students Flevo CreatIT) @Smart Iconic Building: "Alive As A Tree" Design  Kotryna Zvironaite Buurt preventie (Filmwijk) Praktijk werkplaats (Waterwijk)